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What are your regular shipping policies? has discovered that UPS, DHL and FedEx can provide reliable delivery into US and Canada as well as all European and Pacific Rim Countries and to many other world wide locations. We suggest that our "off shore" customers consider the DHL and FedEx services as the primary alternatives for small and large shipments. We have had experience shipping to such countries as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, England and all of the UK including Canada and the British Virgin Islands, Taiwan, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, Latvia, Slovakia and many, many more ... and have encountered little difficulty shipping via these carriers. We will ship via Federal Express (Fedex), recipient pays (that is your company as recipient) on special request. (We will ship via US Global Priority Mail Insured, only upon special request, as US and International Mail Services have NO SHIPMENT TRACKING Facility.)

For domestic expedited shipping services we offer Red (Next Day) and Blue (2nd Day) in addition to Ground Service in the USA. We are authorized UPS and FedEx shippers. See Flat Rate Shipping information above.
Our Shipping Charges

FLAT RATE SHIPPING COSTS: Shipping costs are directly reflected by actual UPS and DHL costs plus handling and packaging, amortized over actual costs and handling expenses. UPS and DHL charge by weight and distance from Northern California. "Off Shore" shipping by any carrier can get expensive ... until now ! *Flat Rate Shipping is per order ... one item or many items up to 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) by weight. Each increment of 5 pounds is at these flat rates below*.

Shipping Within United States:

UPS Standard (Ground) Service within the United States: US$ 10.00 ... for one item or many items... Flat Rate by weight*

UPS/DHL 2-Day / 3-Day Service within the United States: US$ 25.00... for one item or many items... Flat rate by weight*

UPS/DHL Overnight Service within the United States: US$ 50.00... for one item or many items... Flat rate by weight*

International to Canada and World Wide:

UPS, DHL Standard Service to Canada: US$ 25.00 ... for one item or many items. ... Flat Rate by weight*

UPS, DHL International Air to all of Europe and Scandinavia: US$ 75.00 ... for one item or many items. Flat Rate by weight*

UPS, DHL International Air to Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan: US$ 75.00 ... for one item or many items. ... Flat Rate by weight*

UPS, DHL International Air to the Arabian Peninsula & Persian Gulf: US$ 75.00 ... for one item or many items. ... Flat Rate by weight*

International Shipping Deadline is 1:00 PM, Weekdays - Pacific Coast Time (USA). We have shipping difficulties to: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and to India, Pakistan, Iran and many countries in Africa. These countries' customs services may not recognize their countries' Global Agreement on Trades and Tarrifs (GATT) and/or North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and may charge exorbitant taxes, tributes, tithes and other extraneous fees or otherwise reroute your shipment. If you reside in these countries we suggest you contact your local customs authorities for clarification.

*Generally, if UPS or DHL services are available in your country, we can ship. does not and will not pay any import duties, regional or local sales or VAT taxes, tithes or tributes. All items in our catalogs are shipped as "Commercial Samples" and fall under the NAFTA and GATT treaty guidelines as "High Technology Digital Electronic Accessories, Service and Repair Parts" and as such are supposed to be "duty free" by the GATT and NAFTA Agreements. There are no DOD complications with any of the products in our catalogs.

International Orders

Please visit our International Orders Page for more information.
Returns Policy

See our Return Policy page for more information.
According to your web pages you have stock. Is this true?

Yes and No...

We anticipate that many of the "high dollar" items (like large USB monitors or special multimedia gadgets) will be "drop shipped" directly to our customers from the manufacturers' distribution points. This should save our customers considerable time, as well as keeping freight costs lower and thus, your total costs down...

If it is not listed on our web site, we may have it soon, so please ask when you call or email. If you know of an existing USB, iLink, FireWire, 1394 or digital multimedia product that is not listed, please feel free to contact us at any time. Further inquiries email is best
Ordering Securely

FAX, Voice and eMail Contacts:

Credit card information in any email correspondence may not be secure. We suggest FAX orders as an alternative to email.

Orders may be FAXed to IndustrialComponent at +1-707-778-0776.

Orders for wire transfer payments and/or "pro forma" invoices may be sent via email.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

We are prepared to accept advance payment by Paypal, checks and credit cards ( Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express ). Purchase orders must be prepaid before your order will be shipped. Checks for advance payment or pre approved purchase order billing should be made out to : IndustrialComponent.

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Computer Dealer, Distributor, Systems Integrator, or Value Added Reseller, we have volume pricing on most of our listed products, please call : 707-778-6299 or email

1099 questions and sales tax inquiries should be handled via email. If you are an OEM, we can help get you connected directly with many of our suppliers. Please call IndustrialComponent OEM sales: 707-778-6299 or email your OEM inquiry.
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